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    Post Geometry and linear footage calculations

    Geometry and linear footage calculations
    I'm re-writing an application that takes x amount of pieces and tries to fit them best to the right number and size of stock material. EG: (So given 2 pieces at one size 1 at a larger size and 3 at a larger size find the most efficient cuts from the stock material.)

    My Problem:
    The way we currently handle this is to calculate linear footage and then step through a piece array, twice. Attempting to match the footage of the piece to the smallest core we can, along with as many other pieces possibly. I would like to optimize this as much as possible, and I'm wondering if there is some sort of equation to figure this out. I did a few searches but its hard to know what to search for.

    I apologize for not being able to post code, but its long and messy anyways. Any help is appreciated. The section in question is 567 lines.

    Relevant Info:
    Core materials come in lengths of 144, 120, 96, 48.

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    Re: Geometry and linear footage calculations

    Do either of these links help?

    The Bin-Packing Problem http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Bin-PackingProblem.html
    The Knapsack Problem http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knapsack_problem

    No way is known to efficiently compute a best answer when confronted with these problems.

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