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    Question Using a CDialogBar with an MDI app

    What I need to do is add an area (preferably at the top) to my app that will host some custom controls like buttons or whatever else I happen to need. I can't seem to get it working though. Here's what I'm doing, starting from scratch in Visual Studio 2010:

    New->Project->MFC Application
    Name it skeleton
    On the application type window:
    Application type: Multiple Documents (uncheck tabbed documents)
    Project style: MFC Standard

    Now I add a dialog to the app by right-clicking my project, and going:

    I now have a dialog, and add some buttons or text just so I can see it easily. For this skeleton app I'll leave it's id as IDD_DIALOGBAR.

    Now I go to MainFrm.cpp (generated by the app wizard), find the OnCreate() function, and add the following code to the bottom of the function (but above the return in the function):
    if (!m_wndDlgBar.Create(this, IDD_DIALOGBAR,
    	TRACE0("Failed to create DlgBar\n");
    	return -1;      // fail to create
    And in the protected section in MainFrm.h I add:
    CDialogBar  m_wndDlgBar;
    From what I've read, I would think that it would work at this point. But I get nothing. No error, just the dialogbar doesn't appear. A couple things I searched up on the net indicated that I would have to make a DockControlBar call to get it added, so I try adding this below the Create() call:
    Now, at this point it bails on an assert in DockControlBar which says:
    // assert fails when initial CBRS_ of bar does not
    // match available docking sites, as set by EnableDocking()

    I find this odd, as I think I specified any available dock site. Then again, I'm not convinced that I should even be doing these last two lines.

    Anyone know what I'm missing here?

    Edit: There is a working test project that does the kind of thing I want at:
    I'm not sure what he's doing differently from me. The only significant difference I see is that my class is based on CMDIFrameWndEx and his is CMDIFrameWnd. Would that make a big difference?
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