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Thread: WPF beginners questions

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    WPF beginners questions

    Hey all, I'm new to WPFs and I need to learn it. I can do VB.net and C# rather well, so I only need to know a few things.

    How to do you use controls and their properties? I have a text box, and i need to know how (and where) to reference its contents. I tried to reference it in a button_click event but it didn't like that at all.

    How do you manage multiple forms (...or whatever they're called)?

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    Re: WPF beginners questions

    Post your xaml code and the C# code behind for your text box question.

    What do you mean by 'multiple forms'? In what context are you talking about?

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    Re: WPF beginners questions

    Referencing the controls is just the same as you would do in WinForms. Some of the properties have changed. Like the "Text" property of some of the controls was changed to "Content"(TextBlock and ComboBox are two that come to mind). Also, properties like "Enabled" are now "IsEnabled".

    Other than that, you reference the controls the same way.
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