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    Problems deploying C++ dll that references C# dll

    I have a Visual Stuido solution that consists of a C++ dll that references a C# dll (this C# dll also references another C# dll) with my application.

    My goal is to have this C++ dll accessed by third party software.

    On my dev machine, it works perfectly. However, I am having trouble deploying this on other machines.

    I googled and GAC was mentioned. So I have created an Setup installation project that puts the C# dlls in the GAC. After running the installation msi file on the deployment machine, I verified that the C# dlls were in C:\assemblies, but the third party software does not seem to load the C# dlls.

    I am still very new to DLLs and COM objects etc etc. Any help would be appreciated. Please explain to me like I am a 5 year old because this is all new to me.

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    Re: Problems deploying C++ dll that references C# dll

    GAC stands for Global Assembly Cache. It is a repository for (strongly named) .NET assemblies that should be available for all the applications. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Assembly_Cache) You don't have to put your assemblies there if it's only your application that loads them. However, you mentioned that they must be loaded by 3rd party application. How does that app loads them? What does it expect? What are these C# DLLs, who created them?

    Also, you build these DLLs for a specific .NET framework version. Is that version available on the target machine? If only an older version exists, then it won't be possible to load them.
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