Hi there!

So I have a fairly long/intensive loop in one of my functions that when it runs the GUI stops responding to mouse events (and other events, I'm sure). It seems like there should be two solutions, one is to give the GUI a chance every once in a while to refresh and the other would be to put the processing into it's own thread.

I've been looking around for a way to do the first, and haven't run across anything yet. This particular function isn't something that the typical user will use, it's more of a testing function, so I'm not worried about it being extremely user friendly... I would like to be able to reposition or minimize the window while it works though. Choppy response is fine.

Could someone point me to a function that would give the GUI a chance to process messages?

I'm sure putting it in it's own thread is the "better" solution, but I haven't touched threads yet on C++ and I'm hoping not to open that can of worms right now, but failing the above can you point me towards a simple example of how to spawn a thread?