I was using CR 8.5 before and built a bunch of SQL Expression Fields that were subqueries that created totals here's an example:

isnull((select sum((case armast.fccurid when 'USD' then ar.ftotprice when '' then ar.ftotprice when 'EUR' then ar.ftoteurprice else ar.ftottxnprice end)) from armast inner join aritem ar on armast.fcinvoice=ar.fcinvoice where ar.fctype not in ('F','T') and ar.fcinvoice=aritem.fcinvoice),0) as ftotprice

so then the main report has "from aritem inner join armast .... etc"

Well, in 8.5 this worked fine and initially when I moved to 9.0 it worked fine as well. Then, I had to edit one of the SQL Expressions now I have error after error. I have gone into a working version of the report and gone to edit these expressions and when I told it to check the syntax it gave me an error as well so I'm fearing that from 8.5 to 9 they changed something that would make this break... Does anyone have any insight on this? I don't really have a specific question except how can this be fixed?