Multiple sub-report on the main report
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Thread: Multiple sub-report on the main report

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    Multiple sub-report on the main report

    I created two sub-reports. I have this main report where there is two page headers for each of the two sub-reports. I even tried putting the two sub-reports into two details (a and b) on the main report. The problem is that I have get 14 pages of the report having the exact same information. So page 1 is the same as page 1,2,3,4,5,6,....14. I think this have to do with there are about 14 records so it is doing some loop. I am new with Crystal Reports so I prefer to avoid coding as possible.

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    Re: Multiple sub-report on the main report

    Your main reports detail section runs 14 times. If you want to show the data from the sub report then don't put in the detail section or remove the extra tables from the main report so it runs for once. Or you can create a group in the main report which runs once and then put your sub report in the group header/footer section.
    Also if you can show data in the main report then don't use the sub report. Use sub report in the case when you have to show data from multiple tables which can create cross product if placed together on the main report.
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