Dear All,

I have done a lot of programming in the past (c, pascal, assembler, cobol etc.) but it's a few years now and I have got quite out of touch with computing except as a user.

I now need to put together a small application to run across our company intranet. The application area is project management and the functionality is essentially hanging off a GANTT chart. I need therefore to be able to encode, display, manipulate a small GANTT chart and associate the tasks and milestones with various levels of specification and authorisation. The system needs to be open to a handfull of users and I need to be able to recover the data for rollup and analysis (the real reason for it).

Could anyone tell me what would be the best language to develop this is, especially the central GANTT engine i.e. displaying and editing the task data in a browser environment.

We are currently running a Windows environment but the boss has a visceral dislike of feeling tied-into suppliers or having to pay for expensive proprietary runtime environments (hence why we have already rejected typical off the shelf solutions).

Many thanks in advance for any pointers.