I need to create a class that calculates a customer's bill for three different internet subscription packages. The three packages are: Package A: $9.95 per month, 10 hours of access provided. Additional hours are $2 per hour. Package B: $14.95 per month, 20 hours of access are provided. Additional hours are $1 and hour. Package C: $19.95 per month, unlimited access provided.

This is what I got so far:

public class bill
// Constants
public static final double PACKAGEA = 9.95;
public static final double PACKAGEB = 14.95;
public static final double PACKAGEC = 19.95;

// variables of class
private int hours; // hours internet used
private String code; // type of package

// Constructor assigns the hours used and package
public bill(int hours1, String code1)
hours = hours1;
code = code1;
// Accessor, GetHours
public int GetHours()
return hours;

// Accessor, GetPackage
public String GetPackage()
return code;
This is where I'm stuck, I need to make a conditional statement to calculate the bill but am not sure how to do this I was planning on using something like if(code.equals("A")) type of statement. Please Help!