Hi everyone.

I have some experience on Matlab, Java and C++, but fot the type of programming I'm trying to do here, I'm basically a beginner.

Eventually, the main idea of this Server/Client is that the client will ask the server for time, receive the time, read the string
and sync its time to the server, assuming there is a time drift.

As of right now I have the server in Java and a client in Java that work. They are not syncing yet, but the client makes a request to
the server, which sends a string with the date and time and the client prints that string. We don't need the time sync part quite yet.
More importantly is to create a client on C++ that does the same that the one on Java does (I'll post both codes soon) and works with the Java server.

On the C++ side, I got a simple client/Server program and I'm trying to change the client enough so that it works with the Java server.

My 1st problem is that because this C++ client was written a while ago, the Visual C++ 2010 is saying that the project is out of date.
I tried reading through forums for help with that and each was very specific to each case. I tried a few things suggested, but still no luck.

Below I'll post the C++ client and later I'll post the Java server/client.

Anyone interested in helping me out with this? It'd be much appreciated, I've done stuff on C++ but nothing like network sockets, so I'm a little confused.

Thanks ahead of time.