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Thread: Inventory System

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    Unhappy Inventory System


    I need help on the specified project below. I got no idea on how to do it, if some one could help me in contributing some idea for me to start work on this as i need to submit this project in three weeks....please help!!! VB.net and SQL Server

    Create an inventory system that allows records of company inputs and outputs, tht's viewable through daily, weekly, monthly, yearly report as well as online control over items.

    To simplify the process of inventory management.

    Lower Company Cost
    Save Time
    Management Control

    1. The Management should be able to view transaction of input and output of item in the company.
    2. Employees, supervisor or administrator level personnel will have the ability to input all items o fhte company; such as assets like PErsonal COmputer, LCD television and so forth.
    3. The administrator level personnel will have to key-in items to be posted out.
    4. However, the administration level personnel would not have the ability to approve the transaction.
    5. Only the higher management level people; such as Managers, Head Department and so forth is able to view these transaction and approve them.
    6. The system should be able to identify based on each item code, from that code it is able to tell each transaction(if any), item purchased, item write-off and forth.

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    Re: Inventory System

    You have no idea? That can be interpreted many ways. If I were a computer that would mean to me that you need help with UI design, database design, how to connect to the database and the list goes on. I can only guess what you really need help with. When I'm roughing out a project I keep the output in mind. If in the end it's a report that needs to be viewed and or printed then that will be my guiding light. For me then there will be SQL statements to produce the report. So with that in mind I will mockup how the queries fit in the system. Design the database. Decide how to restrict what parts of the system are available to which ever group of users. Maybe a login will dictate which parts of the system are enabled or something like that. Get everything figured out. Then with your roadmap tackle the bits and pieces making sure to not add or take away anything from the ultimate goal. I saw an Access inventory template available once from Microsoft. Take a look at that to see how that system flows to get some ideas if you think you will benefit from it.

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    Re: Inventory System

    Pretty hard to do a semester project in three weeks. Unless you're about to start a 3 week class, and wonder what a computer is...

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    Re: Inventory System

    I'm about to begin a similar project for our IT Dept.

    It should be a lot of fun.

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