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Thread: [RESOLVED] Not able to retrieve and compare value from list

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    [RESOLVED] Not able to retrieve and compare value from list

    Trying to do a search on a windows form on ISBN. When I do the search, it does not locate the value, although the bin folder does show the value in there.

                    //IList<Book> listBooks = new List<Book>();
                    Book book = new Book();
                    string fISBN = FindISBNTxt.Text;
                    BookMgr bookMgr = new BookMgr();
                    Book fdBook = bookMgr.FindBook(book);
                    if (String.Equals(fISBN, fdBook))
                        MessageBox.Show(book.title + " has been found!");
                        MessageBox.Show(book.title + " is not in list!");
        public class BookSvcBinImpl : IBookService
            public Book RetrieveBook()
                FileStream loadStream = new FileStream("Book.bin", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
                IFormatter formatter = new BinaryFormatter();
                Book bookX = formatter.Deserialize(loadStream) as Book;
                return bookX;
        public class BookMgr : Manager
            public Book FindBookMgr() 
                //Factory factory = new Factory();
                IBookService bookSvc = (IBookService)GetService(typeof(IBookService).Name);
                Book bookF = bookSvc.RetrieveBook();
                return bookF;
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