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Thread: Decimal.Parse and culture

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    Decimal.Parse and culture


    I have a decimal value stored in my database and it is being displayed via my client. When the client was installed on a computer with the culture set to Polish, it introduced some errors.

    For example, the value is 50,000.10. The client displays this value in polish as 50.000,10. As you can see the points and commas are switched. When they come to save this information, in code I am using the following, which fails.

    this._myValue = decimal.Parse(this.field1.Text, NumberStyles.Currency);

    I have tried using the IFormatProvider overload for Decimal.Parse like this but with no luck;

    this._myValue = decimal.Parse(this.field1.Text, NumberStyles.Currency, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);

    I have also tried a new "en-GB" just to see, and i keep getting "Input was not in the correct format". My question is, how do I essentially convert a polish formatted string value in to a Decimal field?

    Thanks for any help you could give,

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    Re: Decimal.Parse and culture

    I think that followign should be sufficient
    this._myValue = decimal.Parse(this.field1.Text, NumberStyles.Currency, new CultureInfo("pl"));
    or, because you cannot know which culture is set on the machine running the application
    this._myValue = decimal.Parse(this.field1.Text, NumberStyles.Currency, CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture);
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