hello everyone,
This is my first post in this forum and I count on you to find a solution to my problem.
Here is a brief description:
I'm currently creating an application multilingual (French and English) in Asp.net \ Vb.net. (framework 2.0)
My project consists of the classes. Vb
interfaces. Aspx
treatment layer aspx.vb
and output states made in Crystal Report (version 11).
I finded a solution for interfaces using resource files. Resx:
ie for each aspx page there are two files. resx (example clients.aspx => client.aspx.fr.resx: contains the controls used in the page, in French and client.aspx.en.resx: contains controls used in the page, in English)
My problem lies in the states of outputs produced by Crystal Reports that do not generate resources. Resx like interfaces aspx
In this case I'll have to set all the controls for each output states (. Rpt) and this is working very hard since it is no less than 100 states.
I ask you if you have any solutions to my problem with a detailed explanation please the most since I am a novice developer.
Thank you very much.