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Thread: Help on vb6 and .dll

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    Help on vb6 and .dll

    windows XP, vb6

    My vb6 project requires to reference A.dll in order to run properly. In my PC, the compiled .exe program runs normally. BUT when i deployed it to another computer, it does not run normally. UNTIL I realised i have to register the dll on that computer.

    I did not realize it had to do with registering the dll because I did not register the dll on my PC before. It seems that when I compile my project, vb6 automatically registers A.dll. Therefore it ran nomally on my PC.

    Therefore, I have coded my program to auto-register the A.dll itself. And I tested on my PC, it was ok. But again when I deployed to another PC, it doesn't work.

    Even after I unregistered the A.dll on my PC, I still can run my program normally! For some reason, vb6 keeps locking on to my dll. and I cant seem to unregister it. Therefore I am unable to test my auto-registering code!

    How can I unregister the A.dll on my PC, so that I can test out the auto-registering of the A.dll itself?? I would prefer to perform the testing on my PC than to deploy it over and over again to find out if my code works.

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    Re: Help on vb6 and .dll


    Need a bit more information....

    How are you 'deploying' the program.
    What is the name of the DLL.

    As a start, you may be able to set up another user profile on your machine, depending on which DLL it is and wether or not you installed VB6 for all users on your machine.

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    Re: Help on vb6 and .dll

    Create a SETUP.exe project, and it will install, and register any dll that it uses

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