Gurock Software announced the release of TestRail 2.1, a new version of their web-based test management software. TestRail 2.1 introduces major new features such as improved time tracking, scheduling and time forecasting, new progress reports and integration with requirement management tools. TestRail is used by software development teams and QA departments to manage, track and organize their software testing efforts.

The new TestRail release makes it easier to enter estimates, track actual test times and to ensure that teams are on track with their release schedule. TestRail's new sophisticated forecasting algorithm uses entered estimates, historical test times and averages to calculate projected completion dates for software tests, allowing project leads to make adjustments to plans early if it becomes necessary. New progress reports and burn down charts help team members stay up to date on the latest project changes.

Integrating TestRail with other tools such as issue & defect tracking tools, automated test systems and requirement management tools has always been a top priority of the TestRail team. The new built-in References field allows testers to link test cases to requirements, user stories, specifications and issues stored in external systems, resulting in an improved workflow for testers, developers and managers. Other changes introduced with TestRail 2.1 include various report enhancements, scalability improvements and better search capabilities.

TestRail is installed directly on your own server or can be hosted online with most hosting providers. A free fully-functional trial of TestRail (either hosted or downloaded) and an extensive product tour can be found on Gurock's website. Please see the announcement for all details about the new product version.

About Gurock Software: Gurock Software specializes in tools for software development teams and quality assurance departments. Gurock is known for its popular Java, Delphi and .NET logging tool SmartInspect and its modern web-based test management solution TestRail.