using vs2005 for a console application

using the built in crystal report

ihve 4 reports in my application . i hve taken crystalreportviewer in a page and associated rpt1 to it

1) do i need o hve difffernt crystalreportviewer for displaying different rpts or how can i use only one crystalreportviewer

2) how do i set the paper size or the report paper size. i didnot find any option for making the custom size

i tried by setting or a custom paper in the printers/ files/server properties & tried to assign that name to my report , but i am not able to do it

i need a custom paper / report size to be set

3)currently i am setting the report thr' designer & using the links

is there any way by which my report will get displayed using SQL query , where do i & how do i bind the sql query to the report so that i get dynamic data

4) currently my report is displayed on a button click. & then i need to click the print icon to actually print the report

iis there any option so that the report can be printed directly without the prieview