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Thread: RFID Encoding

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    RFID Encoding


    I want to encode data (24 characters) on an RFID Tag (EPC Gen2) through Datamax printer that uses a .DPL (Datamax programming Language).

    Does any one know how to encode RFID Data through a C# or any other application.

    Please help me guys.


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    Re: RFID Encoding

    pretty generic question there Jason. Can you be any more specific?

    "Encoding" is a loose term. there are lots of different types of encoding: dod, gdti, giai, gid, grai, gsrn, sgln, sgtin, sscc, just to name some standards. which one are you doing?

    EPC Global produces the specs which you should be able to use to code a tag encoding library against. all you need to do is encode the tag value and generate the raw print file and send that to the printer. the tag value is generated at the bit level (meaning you have to do bit manipulation bit for bit for all 96 bits, then append those bytes to a string in a hexadecimal form to make the 24 character string)

    If you have the budget (its pretty enterprise level stuff) our company has everything rfid including all the tag encoding libraries, (all C#) printing, and a lot more. http://globeranger.com/products/

    good luck.
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    Re: RFID Encoding

    I just want to write a 24 digit no on the RFID Tag. I am not sure about different encoding types.

    I am basically creating a label in FoxPro and I want to send the label and the RFID data to the printer from Fox Pro. So I wanted to make a DLL to which I can pass my RFID digits and I would let me add this data to Fox Pro application when I send it to the printer....

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