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Thread: Midterm test

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    Talking Midterm test

    I passed the mid term test of that advance programming course
    So happy
    We will start to learn object creation and ad-hoc polymorphism next week. The really difficult parts are ahead. I will try the final for a B+ in total

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    Re: Midterm test


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    Re: Midterm test

    When I was in college I was mainly offered general knowledge of programming languages, not about any particular language in use. They didn't have similar course for students to learn. Only when we joined 4-8 week time small projects, did we learn some particular programming languages depending on the content of the projects and which languages our professors prefered. I was too young to realize how bad or good such an approach might be, as we had to self-study them anyway. Now I join an industry, I realize I miss my favorite programming language, because not all the work I have to do relates mainly to electronics and machines. Some tasks in my area of expertise are just so out of date to be competitive. The more I am drifted, seemingly the more inspired I love to cling to past excelent presenters (Ms Gregory , and Ms Bear ), and aka all the evolving gardeniers .
    It sux worse when sometimes I have to take tests of the language which I have never programmed in before...Being able to pass the exam relies mainly on luck while the companies I apply for seem boastful or unconcrete about the position or it might be that they don't even know well about how immense the software area actually is. What I like doesn't seem to exist, and even if any, it might never get me satisfied...
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    Re: Midterm test

    Hey! I was very angry and cursed you for having misguided me, but I never think it was something I need to keep in my heart, as I suppose it is a bomb that blows my heart off.

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