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Thread: Using VS2005 and VS2008/2010

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    Using VS2005 and VS2008/2010

    The development environment that the customer will be using to build and test the code will be VS2005.He is insistent that he does not want to move to VS2008/2010.
    But he encourages the use the Unit Testing, Performance Profiling and Source Code Analysis features in-built in VS2008/2010 during core development (before delivering code to him to maintain using VS2005)

    The code is to be developed using C# targetting .NET 2.0

    What would be your advice in achieving the above ? Do you think that it would be better to rely on tools available with VS2005 (Nunit etc) or is there a good approach to do what the customer advices above where source code can be switched between 2005 and 2008/10 ?

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    Re: Using VS2005 and VS2008/2010

    If I were in the situation with the little that I know about what you're talking about as far as the vs08/10 features(nothing); I would tell the customer to forget about it, aint gonna happen, if he insists on sticking to vs05. OR I'd tell the customer, it's on him if project development time doubles or that developemnt time rules are now going to be different. Something to that effect.

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    Re: Using VS2005 and VS2008/2010

    Why does he want to use the tools from VS2008/2010? Does he think it's better?

    At any rate, what type of application is this?

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