I'm facing a problem with the use of UDP sockets running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64 bits (processor is Dual-Core).
Two different software modules, one writen in VC++ 6.0, the other writen in Java, get the same error:
"10052: WSAENETRESET: The connection must be reset because the Windows Sockets implementation dropped it."
We don't get the error inmediately, but after a while, after some minutes running, after tens or even hundreds of messages have been sent and received through that UDP socket.
The fact that the error is thrown in different software modules, writen by different developers, in so different languages, make me think that the problem is not code related, but Win2008 UDP sockets environment configuration.... Something probably related to some variable in the Windows Registry... some parameter, some security policy...
In fact we have installations on other Win2008 that are running OK. Also on Win2000, 2003, even XPs.
There is no antivirus software running on the server, neither any third party firewall.
On VC++ code, WSAIoctl is invoked to avoid this well known problem: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/263823/en-us:
 status = WSAIoctl(this->m_hSocket, SIO_UDP_CONNRESET,
 &bNewBehavior, sizeof(bNewBehavior),
        NULL, 0, &dwBytesReturned,
        NULL, NULL);
But, as you can see, the 263823 problem is WSAECONNRESET (10054). But the problem we now face is WSAENETRESET (10052).

Does anybody know what may be wrong in this Win2008 configuration that is triggering this 10052 WSAENETRESET with our UDP sockets?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Ricardo Vazquez
Madrid. Spain.