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Thread: region growing

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    region growing

    i have problem in my project
    i must segmentation lesion skin cancer image

    my problem for region growing step
    i search for region growing code but i didnt get one example for C#
    this is step code i must use
    1. choose seed pixel
    2. see neighbour pixel, if same like seed get pixel into region
    3. if not same, stop step

    the goal is i get image with line in lesion of my image

    any idea for my problem??

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    Re: region growing

    You need to get the initial Pixel at X, Y in the image. Save it's properties (assume colour). Then (maybe recursively) branch out from X,Y examining all of the neighbouring pixels. If they are the same colour then keep branching that direction, else stop.

    Alternatively, initially, process the whole of the pixels in bitmap into a 2-dimentional Boolean array. true=match, false=fail and then perform the same algorithm. This way you can decouple the 'match' criteria from the examination algorithm. ie the match may only require the colour to be a near match (threshold). I bit like the "magic wand" tool found in popular paint applications.
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