I'd like to ask how do I specify which child Window(s) I am talking to in MDI while
I am using the OnIdle message.
For example

void CApp::OnNewWinA()
POSITION curTemplatePos = GetFirstDocTemplatePosition();

	while(curTemplatePos != NULL)
		CDocTemplate* curTemplate =
		CString str;
		curTemplate->GetDocString(str, CDocTemplate::docName);
		if(str == _T("Hello"))
// And same for other windows

BOOL CApp::OnIdle(LONG lCount)
	// TODO: Add your specialized code here and/or call the base class
 	return CWinApp::OnIdle(lCount);
Just more background info, I am working on a project which involves DX9 and MDI
I need Windows to feed data to one of the child windows while its idle while the other one
is displaying tabular data. You can see from the above code snippet, I can refer to "Hello" as the child window I am communicating with while I am not sure what to do with "OnIdle" when I want to talk to "Hello". Any help would be greatly appreciated!