For one system we have test and production environments, Crystal Reports version 9, VB6, and SQL Server. This system is very convoluted. Reports run in batch mode from jobs initiated on the SQL Server. The report files created are picked up off the LAN by the mainframe and mailed.

Reports haven't been changed for a number of years, but it's become necessary to change database login info. The problem is, when a subreport is imported and used in whatever main report, Crystal appears to store the absolute path to the subreport. When we get our reports working in the test environment and copy to production, when they run in production, all subreports are pulled from the test environment. In the production environment we must delete each subreport and reimport from that path which means all the fields and links go away and have to be redone, too.

The report definition files are not saved in plain text else we could just use notepad and edit them. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks