I must be getting blind as I'm getting older :sigh: but I couldn't find a welcome page.

So I'll say hi in here and say thanks everyone in advance for all the help I'm gonna need over the next week

I'm putting a project together in C# and I'm on a tight schedule. I'm thinking I'll post up a thread in the C# section with my continuous banter on each trial I come up against. Forgive me if at times I seem pretty dim-witted

All joking aside, I Google everything so no need to ask That's how I got here in the first place. You guys are always in the top ten searches for what I'm asking for so I thought I might as well join. Hope you'll have me

I have spent many years in engineering, reverse-engineering and ethical hacking so if I can help with that I'll chime in although not directly related to this forum that I can see.

I hope to talk to some of you guys as my project comes along...but I will be hard at it for the next week or two. I definitely have to have it running and debugged by the new year!