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Thread: How to give a new control scrollbars

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    Smile How to give a new control scrollbars

    I would like to create a new control, similar to the datagrid.

    From what I have read, to give it scrollbars it needs to inherite from ScrollableControl

    However, I also want to inherate from UserControl, and cSharp will not allow you to inherite from multiple base classes

    public partial class MyControl : UserControl, ScrollableControl

    Error 1 Class 'MyApplication.MyControl' cannot have multiple base classes: 'System.Windows.Forms.UserControl' and 'ScrollableControl'

    Any ideas on how I can go about this?


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    Re: How to give a new control scrollbars

    A UserControl is a collection of controls. Create your control that derives from ScrollableControl and then add it to a UserControl.

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