I am developing a website (store) integrated with an ERP.
The idea is that there is an interaction between the website and the customer's ERP at an inventory level, product and customer data.
The ERP client has a Microsoft SQL database. I plan to develop the website in php but I may change to ASP if necessary.
I have made a connection to the ERP's database with php without any problems but now I need your help, ideas and experiences.

Searching the web about this kind of integration, there's always something making the bridge between the ERP database and a replica of that database online on the server (website). Making direct use of base ERP data would not be a good ideia because of factors like speed.

Now my question is: how to do this? Who can give me advice? How would you do/approach such a project?

All your ideas are welcome.

Greetings to all and thanks,