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Thread: Speeding up a Ranking Formula

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    Speeding up a Ranking Formula

    Does anyone know how I can speed up a Ranking query? Iím currently using the formula below:

    Rank: (Select count(*) from qryCustomerTotals1 as B where qryCustomerTotals1.CustomerTotal > B.customerTotal)

    From reading on the web, some people talk about doing it in a modules, they even give some examples (see below)

    Iím just learning access, and have come a long way with all your help. I sure could use some advice with this one.

    I donít even one where to begin putting together the code below.

    Thanks for taking the time to help a new access guy.
    The complete code is:
    Option Compare Database
    Dim lngLastPoints As Long
    Dim lngLastRank As Long
    Dim lngRankInc As Long
    Function RankFunction(lngPoints As Long) As Long
    lngLastPoints = 0
    If lngLastPoints = lngPoints Then
       RankFunction = lngLastRank
        lngRankInc = lngRankInc + 1
        lngLastPoints = lngPoints
         lngRankInc = lngRankInc + 1
         RankFunction = lngRankInc
         lngLastRank = lngRankInc
         lngLastPoints = lngPoints
    End If
    End Function
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    Re: Speeding up a Ranking Formula

    Don't use Select *, use only the fields that you need.

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    Re: Speeding up a Ranking Formula

    Also it will be faster if your fields on the where side of the query are part of an index.
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    Re: Speeding up a Ranking Formula

    Post the query you have written for finding the rank, there will always room for fine tuning!!
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