OK guys...I usually write simple web pages... however, im slightly in too deep on this one...even though you guys will think its a piece of cake.

i have another page embeded within a web page of mine. There are two buttons on the page, that I would like to have 1 of which clicked. one is a flash button, the other has an ID tag associated with it.

i would like to have a Java Onload event occur, however, since these buttons do not actually have links associated with them, i do not know if you can use the click function with them directly. If there is, i guess i would prefer that code first, but if not, is there a way to auto click a specific pixel on load?

So the page loads, then loads the embedded page, then clicks the pixel, or causes the button to be auto pressed?

these buttons are associated with a music player so essentially, i would like that music to start playing.

any advice?