I am just coming back to Desktop programming and have decided to take a look at WPF C# rather than the standard Windows Forms.

I'm working through the tutorials and getting to grips with the XAML and really liking it.

What my application requires though is a 2 pane layout, a left column with expander menus (done) and a right column where the content changes for each selection. The right hand content will vary and will come from various SQL Queries and Calculations so may include Data Grids and Charts.

What I am hoping to find are some pointers on how to go about this in WPF. I have an example which uses XML data to populate the right pane based on left pane selection but i'm not sure that is the best approach for my application?

What are the options please? Does it sound like WPF will be a good choice for the project?

As an aside I was looking back through the first few pages and notice not a lot of activity in the WPF forum, are a lot of people developing with this? My first impressions of it are great, but we'll see if it's going to work for me