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Thread: File Move Copy Rename - FTP

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    File Move Copy Rename - FTP

    I have been tasked to create an application which will login to a FTP server, Move files to a new FTP server and then copy those files to archive folder with DATE stamp added to file name. The application also needs to be setup with a "listener" method which will check folders and move them automatically when a File is created in primary FTP directory.

    I would like to write this in C#, because I am new to C# and would be a good "starter" project.

    Are there any Projects already created? Can someone give me direction where to get started?

    I have done some research on the File.Move method, but not sure how to put it all together in a listener application.

    C# Newbie

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    Re: File Move Copy Rename - FTP this will help you out with some basic FTP functions.

    As for checking the folders automatically, you may be able to do that with the FileSystemWatcher object, but I'm not certain.

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