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Thread: Iphone Game Development

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    Iphone Game Development

    I want to make a 2d mario like game for the iphone. I read a few months back that apple allows c++ games in. I know c and c++ What is my best course of action to making iphone games??
    Do I have to learn Obj C?

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    Re: Iphone Game Development

    Yes, C++ can be done, but there's a lot of tweaks you have to do to the compiler and reading of the frameworks...since they are all set for Objective-C.

    If you already know C and C++, then it's not going to be much of a leap at all to add Objective-C to the belt.
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    Re: Iphone Game Development

    I made a game in using SDL/OpenGL and then ported it to iPhone. The main thing I had to do is wrap the entire game into a game class so it was like


    then in the drawing section

    and do something about event handling. I had my own joystick class so luckily I just had to add code the iPhone event style to invoke the joystick object as changes occur. eg in accelerometer event I would do joy->axis[0] = some number based on the acceleration.

    but using c++ I didin't have to tweak the compiler, just remane all the files to ".mm" which is the file extension for objective-c++.

    If you find a way to keep the original extension of .cpp and have xcode treat it as obj-c++ please do share.

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