Prolog: I'm picking up ideas since I'm not a great expert in this field.

I need to record a webcam from a house desktop pc (a simple usb webcam) and streaming it in a website, allowing people visiting the website to interact with a chat which will be visible from both website and transmission pc (the one with the webcam put on).

This is the idea and sounds pretty cool. Now realizing all this it's another story..

I don't think this project would fit any of the forums I've found here, but I really didn't know where to post it so if you feel this post is totally OT or will cause a lot of flame (I don't see the reason but.. let's be sighted as we can) please move/delete it or advice me where to repost it.

The pc with the webcam which will transmit the images is linked across the internet with a 384 kbps upstreaming connection (Adsl) so this should be sufficient for the transmission to a single machine (I think).

My idea was to use an intermediate server (with a fixed ip and at least 4-5 Mbps flatband) which would grab the webcam images and transmit it to the various website surfers. The website should be using a flash applet connecting to the server where a C++ program would accept connections, send data, and get data back regarding the chat.

I don't know a lot of implementation details.. like: better using a windows server or a linux server? And what about the C++ program, should it open multiple ports (one for every client connecting) or what? I've never worked with streaming (if you have suggestions about a great guide to start with I'd appreciate it very much, I'm just willingful to learn). For the flash applet part I have to figure out a lot of things but I suppose that whether the underground mechanics of all this system could work, I surely will think about it and find a way out.

Can someone please provide me a good point to start or a suggestion about why my idea could work/couldn't work?