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Thread: Question about CALL statement

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    Question about CALL statement

    I am a Beginner in x86 Assembly Language. I am writing a code for reading a thread's stack in VC++. I have inserted some assembly code in between. So here's the problem:
    I get the function's return address from its stack frame. No before this return address there should be a CALL statement. So I extract out the bytes before the return address.
    Sometimes it a near call like E8 ff ff ff d8. My objective is to calculate the function's base address. So for the above statement I subtract the offset 0x28 from the function's return address to get its base address (where it resides in memory).
    The problem is I don't know how to calculate this for a FAR call. I have been trying to find out how to do it for some time now. So I have extracted out the first 5 bytes before the return address and they are
    ff 75 08 ff d2 I think this stands for CALL ecx (ff d2) but I am not sure. I will be very grateful if someone can tell me what kind of CALL statement is this and how I can calculate the function's base address from this kind of call.

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    Re: Question about CALL statement

    Quote Originally Posted by bruce178 View Post
    The problem is I don't know how to calculate this for a FAR call.
    There is no such thing as FAR in todays world of 32/64-bit operating systems. That is in the 16-bit MSDOS world.

    So unless you're programming 16-bit MSDOS, you better rethink what you're doing.


    Paul McKenzie

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