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    Aplications for Simulated Annealing

    Hi friends:
    I have to do a paper on an application of simulated annealing for a college course. what application do you recommend me? I study computer science and am in third.

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    Re: Aplications for Simulated Annealing

    Well, a Google Search reveals the Wikipedia page which describes some applications you could choose from. If you wanted to go a bit more in-depth, you could search the relevant scientific literature. Here are some recent papers (Google Scholar search on Simulated Annealing restricted to recent ones [2010 or later]): http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl...=2010&as_vis=0.

    Realistically, as an undergraduate student, you should be able to have done these things yourself (and those links won't get you terribly far). The most important part of learning is in learning how to find new information.

    Hope that gets you started though. Good luck on your paper and in your career.
    Best Regards,

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