I am updating an extensive system I wrote for a manufacturer in the 90's to run on Windows Server 2008 using Terminal Services where the old system ran on network client machines running Windows 98. A critical part of the system is an ancient DOS program written in Germany by a company long since gone which takes only keyboard input and generates output on LPT1 and LPT2. The Windows 98 wrapper used Novell Capture and PRN2FILE to grab the output to files and Zippy Import ver 4.2 to feed the program a large data input file. It required very minor user input to start the Zippy Import session. This solution has been in production successfully for several years but the user would like a more up to date environment while still retaining the DOS program. I've found PrintFil from @SwIt to handle the output capture, but at present have no input capability as Zippy Import is now as unsupported as the DOS program I'm wrapping, and last ran successfully on Windows 98. One alternative is to run the old Zippy Import in a Win98 virtual, but if there is a more recent keyboard input from text file solution which will run on Windows Server 2008, that would be much more desirable. Even better if it requires no user interaction to start it. Does anyone know of a solution for this? Perhaps an input for automated testing program?