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    displaying alternate jpanels in a jframe

    hi, i want to display the attack jpanel in the same frame when the button is clicked but instead it opens in a new frame

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
    JFrame aFrame = new JFrame();
    Container contentPane = aFrame.getContentPane();
    JButton s = (JButton)e.getSource();
    if(s == attack)
    contentPane.add(new Attack());
    else if(s == defense)
    contentPane.add(new Defense());


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    Re: displaying alternate jpanels in a jframe

    Two things: first, when you are creating a new JFrame, this is the behavior you are getting: a new window. Secondly, you are setting the visibility to true instead of adding it to the current Frame. Try doing something like:


    I'm not sure how your main Frame is set up, so I can't guarantee that it will work.

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    Re: displaying alternate jpanels in a jframe

    I don't think you can add a JFrame into another JFrame as a JFrame is a top level container. You should be able to add as many JPanels to a JFrame as you like though. Can I assume that Attack() and Defend have something to do with JPanels? If each are a special instance of JPanel then perhaps you could create one instance of each JPanel and add them both to the JFrame then toggle the visibility of each to simulate a different frame when you have an "Attack" action and a "Defend" action. Than way you don't have to recreate a new JPanel each time.

    By the way any program with Attack() and Defend() methods is, by default, rad. Just so you know. =D

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