I am attempting to create a pretty simple report, but the technique I'm using is making this impossible. Any help would be much appreciated.

I am looking output a report that would show me the first person to enter a certain room in my facility each day (each time you enter the room, a time stamp is recorded). Then, Id like to summarize each person and how many times they were the first to arrive.

My problem might be evaluating who was the "first" each day.

{PreviousRoomID} defined as: Previous({POST_CASE.ROOM_ID})
{PreviousDateRoom} defined as: totext(previous({POST_CASE.START_DATE})) +
{CurrentDateRoom} defiend as: totext({POST_CASE.START_DATE}) +
My forumla looked like this:

if isnull({@PreviousRoomID}) then "Y" else
({@CurrentDateRoom} <> {@PreviousDateRoom}
{ROOM.ROOM_ID} <> previous({ROOM.ROOM_ID})) then "Y"

Then, any of the records with a "Y" are my "first to enter".

The problem is, because I am not grouping on the employee ID at all, I can't summarize each employee's count of Y's.

Thanks for any input!