Any good logging framework recommendations?
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Thread: Any good logging framework recommendations?

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    Any good logging framework recommendations?

    Hi guys,

    Due to the tight deadline of my project, I am not able to evaluate the those free logging framework.

    Most of the projects that I dealt with are using ACE logger and Log4J. Currently the new project needs to run on LINUX platform and a centralised logging server is a must.

    Do you guys know of any good logging framework? I have search around and saw log4cxx, log4cpp, c++ boost logger. I am dealing with a real-time system. So performance is critical.

    My current real-time system is using ACE logger.

    Thanks for any advice

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    Re: Any good logging framework recommendations?

    you can use Syslog server runs on linux and has ports for win32 and OS X , you can find all relevant information here

    since Syslog operates over a network , you can even do remote logging.

    best part very easy to use and has binding for many languages , you can even write your own binding by going through relevant header files.

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