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Thread: RSA Decryption

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    Unhappy RSA Decryption

    hi everybody;
    recently i started to research about HTTPS RSA TLS SSL bla bla.. now im so confused because my boss want me to write a code that can brute force attack to find private key of RSA... im just a student and i dont know C# too much. (actually i wrote some code but it isnt stable and i dont think it can find ) can you help me a little ?
    PS: it isnt for hack, our company im working is working on a program about network and they wanna know if there is a possibility to find the private number. ( my life depands on this please help, i know its not possible to find in a short time but i need a working code which i can work on it )

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    Re: RSA Decryption

    Here is some general information about RSA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSA

    You are not, however, likely to succeed in a brute-force attack (or any type of attack, really). Typical RSA key sizes are on the order of 1024 to 4096 bits. Using a brute-force attack to recover the keys would require a time commitment significantly exceeding the current age of the Universe.

    Unless you're a Ph.D. mathematician employed by the NSA working on exploiting extremely detailed implementation flaws, I would spend your time on more useful projects.

    Outside the context of your essentially impossible problem, however, cryptanalysis, is a very exciting topic. If you are generally interested, I recommend Mark Stamp's book on Applied Cryptanalysis. Link: http://www.amazon.com/Applied-Crypta.../dp/047011486X (I have no affiliation at all with Dr. Stamp; I just enjoyed his book).
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