Hello everyone!
The problem is to parse the HTML table into the 2D array.
The parser should handle rowspans, collspans, nested tables and so on. That means, everything that suites HTML standard. The thing is that the tables I need to parse are automatically generated by another program, so they are rather complex and excessive.
To date I found a solutions on php (JS_Extractor http://jacksleight.com/old/blog/2008...able-extractor), and Java (http://simbot.wordpress.com/2006/09/...-table-parser/), but is seems like they don't suite my requirements.
In addition, I found JWebUnit and HTTPUnit, but I didn't found how to use them for my purposes (and I am not even sure that it is possible).
I'll be happy for any help, as I can't believe this problem was not solved yet!
Thanks in advance!