Iím trying to pass a handle to a serial port class to a form that will configure the serial port.
I can pass a handle to the constructor and it works fine/as I expect inside the constructor but I need a local copy of the handle that points to the port I can use after the constructor is finished by combobox events.
I can declare a local serial port class var.
I can copy of the original serial portís class data but I want a handle to the original not a copy of its data.

public ref class Config_Serial_Port_Form : public System::Windows::Forms::Form
Config_Serial_Port_Form(System::IO::Ports::SerialPort^% initport)
initport->BaudRate = 600; //this accesses the correct port
theport = initport; //this only copies all the original to the local object
//I need theport to be a pointer
//TODO: Add the constructor code here

void domystuff(void)
port_stuff^ port_stuff_ptr;
port_stuff_ptr = gcnew port_stuff();
this->Baud_Rate_comboBox->Text = port_stuff_ptr->BaudRate_to_string(theport);
this->Parity_comboBox->Text = port_stuff_ptr->Parity_to_string(theport);
this->handshakingcomboBox->Text = port_stuff_ptr->Handshake_to_string(theport);
this->databitscomboBox->Text = port_stuff_ptr->DataBits_to_string(theport);
if (theport->IsOpen)
this->portselectcomboBox->Text = theport->PortName;

/// <summary>
/// Clean up any resources being used.
/// </summary>
if (components)
delete components;

private: System::IO::Ports::SerialPort^ theport; /// this gives me a second object not a handle to the original.