As the title implies, my knowledge base in this area is pretty thin. I have a few questions I hope aren't overly stupid to ask.

I am looking to develop my own platform that can replace an operating system on a computer, basically my own OS. This OS will only need to run one application. My questions are:

1) How simple can this OS be?

2) Can the application and OS be integrated? ( For example could you boot your system and the only thing that runs is an internet browser, can the OS itself be both the launcher and the application?)

3) Roughly, how long would it take an experience programmer to write something like this?

4) What language is the best for this type of project?

So in essence, I want to develop software that is a hybrid between an OS and an Application so I can have a computer that is dedicated to the one function.

It may seem a little crazy to create something that limits the function of a computer from 100's of programs to just one, but sometimes its necessary to step back before you can step forward. I appreciate any information provided. If you feel your capable of developing something like this feel free to contact me Edit by admin: no contact info permitted on the forum, thank you