Hello all,

I'm working on a little app and this is the first time I'm coding using MFC and VC++.

I have a CFrameWnd derived main window as well as a CWnd derived child window. I wish to place a CBitmapButton in the child window. I create a CBitmapButton object, call it's create function with WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | BS_PUSHBUTTON | BS_OWNERDRAW but it refuses to show up where I need it to. On the other hand, when I create it in the main window, it shows up with no problem. So essentially, I can't seem to make a visible button (as a child) in the child window of a main window but I seem to be able to do it in the main window.

What is going on? I'll be greatly appreciative of your advice, of course.

Thanks a lot!