I am trying to use SCTP protocol in windows 7 and generate traffic. I downloaded and installed SCTP from http://www.bluestop.org/SctpDrv/releases/1.1.6/ and now how can I generate any traffic with SCTP protocol (may be http traffic or FTP etc ) like TCP . when I check the readme file from the SCTPDRV installation author mentioned to follow these instructions
Use of SCTP:
"In order to use all the capabilities of SCTP, you have to append the directory of ws2sctp.h
into the Include Path of your compiler and link sctpsp.lib into your application. If however
you just need to use SCTP as an alternative to TCP without using the new API or features, you
can just change IPPROTO_TCP to IPPROTO_SCTP and use the standard headers: Microsoft ships
Winsock with the IPPROTO_SCTP definition included."
can anyone can guide me to do the above tasks will be very thankful.

thanks in advance