I'm looking for a programming tutor for my son. We would prefer someone with least a basic understanding of a variety of languages, as he is not entirely sure what direction he wants to take programming.

If you are thinking about a baby-sitting gig, do not bother on replying. If you are afraid of criticizing or reprimanding your student, do not bother on replying. We would appreciate a teacher who is able to communicate effectively to motivate the student. This should not be too difficult, as he seems to be interested in programming and is eager to learn. Also, do not be afraid to assign challenging tasks.

Sessions would take place weekly. Projects or assignments be given so that the student could work on something during the week before the session would take place. We would prefer if you had in mind, a general curriculum in mind of how to have your student learn as effectively as possible. By curriculum, we are very flexible to a variety of methods...Whatever you think you is the most effective style best suits the situation as well as your relationship with the student is fine. Whether this would mean a very general lesson plan, or a very structured one...we do not care. But we do care that you think about this issue.

If you are interested, send your resume and explanation of why you think you would be best for this job to hiekang@gmail.com. Compensation is negotiable DOE.

Thanks for reading.