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    make graphing function

    so I want to program a way to graph a function. i made the function below to make a graph. but how do i get it to accept string condition in the if statement (i don't want to worry about the case if it isn't a valid if statement for now)

    for example if i take the // replace with an expression and put x==y, it puts a straight line.

    but if i want to consule input "x == y" to make it print out that, how would i do it?

    void makeGraph(){
    	cout << "Enter n where this creates an nxn graph" << endl;
    	int n;
    	cin >>  n;/*
    	cout << "Enter your plot condition" << endl;
    	string condition;
    	cin>> condition;
    	for (int x = -n; x <= n; x ++){
    		for (int y = n; y >= -n; y --){
    			if( // replace with an expression){
    				cout << "X";
    			else if (x == 0 && y == 0){
    				cout << '0';
    			else if (x == 0){
    				cout << '-';
    			else if (y == 0){
    				cout<< "|";
    				cout<< " ";
    		cout <<endl;
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    Re: make graphing function

    you need to be able to parse the string into something you can evaluate as a function of x and y.

    expression parsing isnt a simple one-liner.

    e.g. http://www.speqmath.com/tutorials/ex...cpp/index.html

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