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Try passing your child windows to this before the click.

ScreenToClient(handles[i], &pt);
You can also use ShowWindow() to maximize your window and then work with screen coords(probably not the best way, but it works).

EDIT: How do you find hMU?

if you are using this like in your previous post it might be a source for error.
HWND hMU = FindWindow(NULL, "Untitled - Notepad");
hMU = FindWindowEx(hMU, NULL, "EDIT", NULL);
you should only need
HWND hMU = FindWindow(NULL, "APP TITLE");
and then find the child windows normally with EnumChildWindow
I'm sorry, I forgot to change the first parameter of ScreenToClient, as you mentioned. Now the same popup menu appears at 100:100 of Desktop window.

This is how I find hMU:

HWND hMU = FindWindow("MU", "Mu Online");
I used Spy++ and my code on the game window, and they both detected same handle value for the game. When I change class name to NULL, it works too. Could the anticheat prevent my attempts to click, probably with a global mouse hook?