Hi All,
I'm a first time poster on this forum but have used it a few times now for looking up information and thought I would sign up so I could learn more about C# and other C platforms as I'm a brand new coder, learning myself from the internet and will probably need a hand with coding in the future!

The problem I have at the moment is probably a really simple solution but I simply lack the know how of how to do so but I am using tutorials on the internet to create small console applications before I start with the windows forms etc.

An example of the application I am building is an app that takes a set of numbers from a text file and then I want to put said numbers in a graph by sorting them and exporting in a chart.

I have imported the number using the StreamReader class which I assume is correct, but now I am stuck because I don't understand how these numbers are stored and then used in a graph? All i've been able to do is make the numbers display as a list in the console window!

I am sure this is a really newbie question and is one of the most simple questions ever but I'm having problems so if anyone could possibly help?

I can't find anything on the internet about it, which leads me to believe even further that it is a newbie question; perhaps I am wording it incorrectly!

Thanks in advance!