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Thread: Hw start guidance

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    Lightbulb Hw start guidance

    I'm looking for advice on how I should begin my C++ assignment that me and other teammates are working on. I do not wish for anyone to attempt to or complete the project but simply give me advice on where to start. I was assigned this project today and I will post my findings along side any reccomendations anyone is able to offer. Thank you

    You have been hired by SportsFan, Inc. to design and develop a new software repository. The repository will allow for input, storage, and retrieval of information on current NBA and MLB players, including name (first and last), current team, position, and school.
    You must create the software solution based on the following expectations:
    1. Individual player information should be represented using classes.
    2. All NBA players (and their corresponding information) stored within the system should be stored in one array of classes. All MLB players (and their corresponding information) should be stored in one array of classes. The maximum number of players that can be stored per league currently is 5.
    3. Users should be able to enter information on a player not currently in the system, by providing all information on the player, then appropriately storing it. There should be no double entries for a player.
    4. Users should be able to search for a player by first and last name. If the player is currently stored in the system, all player information should be output in the format
    5. Users should be able to output all NBA and MLB players currently stored (including player info), if they choose.
    Upon completion of this assignment, any user should be able to search for, and enter information on any NBA or MLB player. They should also be able to display output that lists all NBA and MLB player information. *

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    Re: Hw start guidance

    Start at number 1, and design your player class.

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    Re: Hw start guidance

    So have you already created a class to represent a NBA and MLB players?
    If not - begin with creating it!
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: Hw start guidance

    My advice to you is to perform a DR(design review) with your other teamates.
    In the DR after you all understand perfectly the requirments of the project ,wrote down on paper the schema of the project, that includes all the classes ,and the connections between them.
    Then start implement the design, it sould be much easier.
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